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Idaho Fence Company, LLC offers different fencing services for residential and commercial clients who want to keep their property secured.

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Securing Your Property Efficiently

Fencing is an important part of your home, but it’s also an investment. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, fencing installation is an important part of keeping your property safe. When you hire our professional to install your fence, you can be sure that it will last for years to come. We know what we’re talking about when it comes to fencing installations!

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Keeping Long-Lasting Fences

We know that a fence is one of the most important parts of your home. It’s not just a part of the lawn that separates you from your neighbors—it’s a part of your property and the way you want to present yourself to the world. That’s why we are here: to make sure that your fence is always looking its best.

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Improve Your Outdoor Experience

Many of us have dreamed of having a deck or patio installed at our home. It can be a great way to add value to your property and provide a space where you can enjoy the outdoors. Our professional deck/patio installation service will take care of everything from planning and design, to materials sourcing and construction.

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Offering Repair for Decks and Patios

When you invest in a deck or patio, you want it to look great. But with the right care, a deck or patio can give you so much more. If you want it to stay in good shape, you need to keep up with regular maintenance. We offer comprehensive repair services for your decks and patios! You’ll get more enjoyment out of your space when it’s well maintained!

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Secure Your Walkways and Stairs

Handrails are a common sight in homes, particularly in the bathroom. Whether you’re getting ready for a shower or just want to get out of bed without falling, handrails can make things much safer and easier. We offer professional hand railing installation services that will make your home safer and more convenient.

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The Deck Builders With Experience

Professional Fencing Company Offering Services to Clients in the Twin Falls, ID Area

Idaho Fence Company, LLC is a fencing company that offers fence installation, deck repair, handrail installation, and more in the Twin Falls, ID, area. We’ve been providing these services since 2015, and we’ve got 10 years of industry experience under our belts.

Our goal is to provide you with the best services at the best price possible. We always pay attention to the finest details when it comes to your project, so that you can feel confident that your home or business is protected from intruders as well as catastrophes. We follow the ASTM national fencing standards to ensure that your property will be secure and safe for years to come.

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Idaho Fence Company, LLC is Here for All Your Fencing Needs

If you’re looking for a fencing company that offers high quality work at great prices, look no further: Idaho Fence Company is here for you!

The Deck Repair Company for All Your Needs

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At Idaho Fence Company, we’re honored to be the fencing company serving you in Twin Falls, ID. We offer in-person estimates and can even help you with any repairs or maintenance work if needed!

We make sure you’re satisfied with your end result because we believe in customer satisfaction above all else. If something isn’t quite right with your fence or deck after installation, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll work with you until everything looks exactly how it should look—and then some!

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